When pressure prevents life-saving aid

Other stories have long since overshadowed the groundbreaking summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jung Un of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK or North Korea). Sadly, it seems the United States government is dragging its heels in this critical process that could bring reconciliation to the Korean Peninsula and between decades-long adversaries. Despite…

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Washington E-Memo

Leading us in right paths: U.S.-Nigeria policy The U.S. response to Nigeria, as it faces multi-layered violent conflicts and armed actors threatening the nation’s unity, has primarily been to provide military assistance. This approach is counterproductive and has spawned additional violence. This issue of the Washington Memo provides an overview of U.S.-Nigeria policy and suggests strategies to…

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Support the people of Gaza

Tell Congress and the White House: Restore humanitarian assistance to Gaza, call for end to blockade   Background: After 11 years of isolation and an Israeli-imposed blockade, Gaza is facing “an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.” Ninety-six percent of Gaza’s water is unsafe to drink. Gaza’s two million residents have 4-5 hours per day of electricity and…

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