Tear down these walls

Humanity’s fixation with walls can be traced back to the world’s first recorded civilization – the Sumerians, who built a border wall circa 2100 B.C. – and is seen repeatedly throughout history in examples such as the Great Wall of China, the Long Walls of Athens and the Berlin Wall. Walls typically symbolize a power…

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Peace on the Hill – “A safe and propitious asylum”

Recent stories of immigrant children in cage-like structures at the border and photos of a father and his young daughter drowned in the Rio Grande River have pulled at our heartstrings and led to questions about U.S. policies toward those seeking asylum, or safety, at our borders. While the rhetoric has become increasingly polarized, it is important to remember that this…

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Support maternal and child nutrition

Action: Ask your representative to support efforts to improve global nutrition. Background: After years of decline, there is worrying evidence that global hunger is increasing again, with 821 million people undernourished in 2017, driven largely by conflict and climate change. Lack of access to food and inadequate nutritional variety cause undernourishment, obesity and disease. Currently…

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World Refugee Day

On World Refugee Day (June 20) and beyond, ask your members of Congress to work for the rights and dignity of refugees worldwide, including Palestinian refugees, and to restore U.S. funding to UNRWA immediately. Background: World Refugee Day is dedicated to raising awareness about the situation of refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide. More than…

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