Responsibility for the legacy of war

It was “a war that nobody won,” writes historian Stanley Karnow of the United States’ decades-long military engagement in Vietnam. Ultimately, “its legacy [is] still to be assessed…but whether a valid venture or a misguided endeavor, it was a tragedy of epic dimensions.” The legacy of the Vietnam War is often tallied with civilian and…

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Washington E-Memo

Funding bills for 2018 moving forward On July 27, the House of Representatives passed a “security minibus” set of spending bills for fiscal year 2018. It includes $1.6 billion for 70 miles of additional physical barriers along the southwest border with Mexico. House leadership added the border wall money in such a way that no separate vote was…

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Beloved, let us love one another

Read in Spanish. In a small room on June 27 at the National Press Club building in Washington, D.C., stood parents who were forced to bury a child. In each case, the perpetrator was an undocumented immigrant. These parents were gathered to launch a new organization, Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime (AVIAC). During…

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Support global poverty programs

Ask your member of Congress to support international poverty-focused assistance. Background: On March 16, the president released a budget request and blueprint that proposes deep cuts to humanitarian and development assistance, as well as peace-building programs, while increasing overall military spending by $54 billion. The proposed cuts could result in as many as 40 million people…

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