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Welcome to Washington Memo, the blog of Mennonite Central Committee U.S. Washington Office! Our office is part of Mennonite Central Committee U.S., working as a Mennonite and Brethren in Christ presence on Capitol Hill. By being in touch with MCC staff around the world, we can better advocate for U.S. government policies that make for…

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Immigration: Central American migration to the U.S.

Take action now *** Action alert: Protect children and families fleeing violence *** Sign up to receive action alerts Donate to MCC programs serving Central American migrants Resources Toolkits Pastor’s toolkit: How do we talk about the children and families who are fleeing violence in Central America? List of August recess toolkits Small group resources Small group…

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Want to learn more? Check out the latest issue of the E-Memo, a monthly e-newsletter from the Washington Office! In the August issue, get policy updates on the Central American migration crisis, aid transparency in Haiti, criminal justice reforms and veterans affairs in the U.S.

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Above and beyond peace accords

Charissa Zehr shares her thoughts on supporting the peace processes in Colombia: We stand with partner organizations and churches in Colombia who want to see an end to the violence in their communities and an end to damaging policies in the “war on drugs” that address only symptoms, not root causes. We support our Colombian…

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Rifaat's daughter sleeps in the corner of their apartment. The family's full names are not being used for security reasons. (Doug Hostetter/MCC)

Stop the violence in Syria

Action: Urge Congress and the Administration to support an immediate ceasefire and a negotiated agreement to end the war in Syria. Background: The human costs of the war in Syria are staggering. The United Nations has issued an unprecedented appeal for $6.5 billion to meet humanitarian needs within Syria and neighboring countries. But these needs…

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Urge your representative to support immigration reform

Action: Urge your Representative to support immigration reform legislation that creates a pathway to citizenship, reunites families, and does NOT further militarize the border. Call the Capitol Switchboard or find your Representative’s direct line. Sample script: “I am from [City, State, Congregation], and I urge the Representative to support immigration reform that creates a path…

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Peace March with churches and schools in Soacha, outside Bogota, Sept. 21, 2012. Photo by Nathan Toews

Take action for peace in Colombia

Urge Congress to change U.S. policy toward Colombia to actively support the peace process. Click here and send an email to Congress and urge them to do the following: 1. End military assistance in Colombia. More than a decade of U.S. engagement with Colombia has been overly militarized and framed within a failed strategy of…

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