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March 10, 2020

Join us at Ecumenical Advocacy Days

We hope you can join us in Washington, D.C., April 24-27, for Ecumenical Advocacy Days, an important gathering of Christian advocates and activists. We will worship, delve deeply into the pressing issues of the day and lift our voices by speaking truth to power on Capitol Hill.

The 2020 theme is “Imagine! God’s Earth and People Restored.” At this crucial time in history we will lift up the global crisis of environmental injustice, with special attention to the intersection of climate change and economic injustice. Register today! The early-bird rate ends March 16.

Message from organizers about coronavirus.

Come a day early for an Advocacy Resource and Training Day, sponsored by our office on Friday, April 24, 10 am – 4 pm. Register here for the Friday gathering. Open to all, whether you are attending Ecumenical Advocacy Days or not.

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Policy updates

Immigration: Border wall construction continues to impact sacred indigenous sites, water resources and wildlife habitat. Customs and Border Protection will deploy militarized SWAT-team type units to several large cities. Thousands of Hmong and Lao residents could be deported under a new agreement. Rosa Ortez-Cruz may finally be able to leave sanctuary at Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship.

Iran: On February 13 the Senate passed a war powers resolution on Iran, which the House will likely take up later this week. Urge your House member to support it.

Landmines: The Trump administration has reversed the U.S. stance on landmines, lifting the prohibition on their use. Landmines kill indiscriminately long after the end of war. Learn more.

Palestine and Israel: In February 35 members of the House sent a letter to Secretary Pompeo, calling for the restoration of humanitarian assistance to Gaza and an end to the Israeli blockade. Read more.

Read more

Gaza: Life in unlivable conditions  In 2012 the United Nations predicted that Gaza would be unlivable by the year 2020. Many of Gaza’s two million residents say the conditions have already been unlivable for years…

Wilderness laid waste  Millions of gallons of groundwater are being extracted to pour concrete foundations for the wall and could dry up such springs entirely…

We should offer hospitality, not rejection  Imagine you are very sick. You go to your city’s hospital and the doctor examines you and discovers that you have a disease which your hospital does not have the medicine or equipment to treat…

Taha Mqat stands with his son and daughter in their home in Gaza, Palestine. Read more of the family’s story. MCC photo/Mostafa Al Naffar.

Upcoming events

March 24, 2 pm Eastern: Webinar: Congressional Advocacy 101

Have you always wanted to contact your member of Congress but weren’t sure how to do it? Or are you looking for tips on how to do advocacy more effectively? Then this webinar is for you. Register now.

April 8, 2 pm Eastern:  Webinar: You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers: Selective Service and the National Commission on Service, co-sponsored with the Peace and Justice Support Network, Mennonite Mission Network

The National Commission on Military, National and Public Service will release its recommendations on March 25, with implications for the future of Selective Service, whether women will be required to register, incentives for national service and more. Join this webinar to learn more.

April 24, 10 am – 4 pm: MCC Advocacy Resource and Training Day 

Register here

 April 24-27: Ecumenical Advocacy Days

Register today (early-bird rate ends March 16)


MCC photo/Ron Byler

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