Tell Congress to support lasting peace in Colombia

The United States has an important role in supporting the full implementation of the peace accords in Colombia. Tell your members of Congress to fully support lasting peace, truth and justice in Colombia with development focused assistance and diplomatic engagement.

Background: Peace accord implementation is moving ahead in Colombia. Significant progress has been made in recent months, including the UN receiving 1,000 weapons from the former guerrillas. The FARC will soon finish turning in all of their weapons.

The road to a just and lasting peace is long and filled with obstacles, yet turning back is unthinkable. The conflict spans over 50 years, claiming the lives of over 260,000 people and internally displacing seven million others. No one said peace would be easy, but a return to war is NOT an option.

For years, the United States helped fuel the conflict through Plan Colombia—a 10 billion-dollar aid package that mostly funded Colombia’s security forces. The escalation of the conflict led to the deaths of thousands of civilians. Now, as the Colombian people strive to implement the accords, the United States has the moral obligation to support truth, justice, and real peace.

Faith Reflection: Peace cannot merely be the absence of war, but must be an active process in which we participate. We are reminded in scripture that we “must seek peace and pursue it” (1 Peter 3:11).

Action: Tell your members of Congress to fully support lasting peace with truth and justice in Colombia.

Alert prepared by Charissa Zehr, Legislative Associate for International Affairs, May 29, 2017. Adapted from text prepared by the Latin America Working Group, of which the MCC U.S. Washington Office is a member.

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