Build bridges, not walls

rs40785us08-03-28-lprFeb. 17-24: Attend vigils and visit your members of Congress in their district offices


  • Join Faith in Public Life’s National Days of Prayerful Action Feb. 17-20: Sign up to join or organize a public vigil
  • Visit your members of Congress in their local offices over the President’s Day recess, Feb. 21-24 (see resources below)

Members of Congress will be home over the President’s Day recess, which makes it a perfect time to let your voice be heard on immigration and refugee issues. From February 17-20, people of all faiths will hold vigils, protests and press conferences outside congressional offices to call on policymakers to protect immigrants and refugees. We encourage you to follow up on this prayerful witness by scheduling a visit with your members of Congress while they are working in their local offices, February 21-24.

Together we can send a powerful message to Congress that the faith community will continue to defend the rights and wellbeing of immigrants and refugees!

Reflection: One year ago, Pope Francis prayed for migrants and refugees at the U.S.-Mexico border and temporarily transformed a dusty fence into an oasis of hope. One year later, however, immigrant and refugee families are at greater risk than ever. As people of faith, we must respond with one voice: “Build bridges, not walls.” Together our voices can echo through the halls of Congress.


Alert written February 9, 2017, by Tammy Alexander, Senior Legislative Associate for Domestic Affairs. Adapted from an alert by Faith in Public Life.

Did you receive this alert from a friend? Sign up for action alerts from the MCC U.S. Washington Office here.

MCC Photo/Silas Crews 2008. Prayer service at Sesabe, Mexico.

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