An apology for cholera

Six years after cholera was introduced into one of Haiti’s largest rivers due to negligent waste management at a United Nations Peacekeeper base, the UN publicly apologized to cholera victims. The United Nations deeply regrets the loss of life and suffering caused by the cholera outbreak in Haiti. On behalf of the United Nations, I want…

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At Mtshabezi Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe, MCC is helping mothers get the medical care they need and avoid passing HIV on to their newborn babies. Sipho Ncube began receiving care for HIV at the hospital before her 3-year-old daughter Privilege was born. Ncube, holding baby Quincy, is pictured with daughter Princess. (MCC Photo/Richard Ndlovu)

Reaching both mother and child

Victor Ncube is a 3-month-old baby at Isaiah’s Baby Home in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, which provides basic services for abandoned or orphaned children. At any given time, up to 20 children at the home receive free health-care services and nutritional assistance, with the support of Mennonite Central Committee. About 830 women die each day due to…

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Peace accords 2.0

In the weeks after the initial peace accord between the Colombian government and the FARC was rejected in the referendum vote by a slim margin, negotiators have been working around the clock to modify the accord to appeal to a broader public that insists they still want peace with justice. In a statement released today,…

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Help end gun violence

Urge your member of Congress to work to end gun violence. Background: Take time today to let your representative know that ignoring the epidemic of gun violence will not protect public safety. Tens of thousands of people are killed by guns each year in this country. Whether it is through mass shootings like the recent…

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Support criminal justice reform!

Ask your member of Congress to support H.R. 3713, the Sentencing Reform Act. Background: Decades of overly harsh sentences, particularly mandatory minimums, have led to a dramatic increase in the incarcerated population in the U.S. Our country now incarcerates more people than any other in the world. Unfair sentences have affected millions of families across…

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