Washington Memo blog

The Washington Memo blog offers quick updates on current issues and news relevant to work here at the MCC Washington Office. Here are some excerpts from recent blog posts:


credit: Theo Sitther/MCC

Reflect. Serve. Advocate.

December 13, 2011

“Earlier this year ten young adults from the Americas (Canada, U.S., Mexico, Colombia, and Peru) and two coordinators began a two-year Mennonite Central Committee term in Colombia to reflect, serve and advocate alongside Colombian communities.

“Participants of the program come together for two years to reflect on the issues that maintain barriers–from economics, politics, and war; to culture, geography, and theology. The program connects the reflection on the big issues with community grassroots service together with communities who are working against significant violence, poverty, and oppression. While seeking to connect the macro to the micro, and learning to see how the large structures affect real communities, participants learn to speak as a community to advocate for peace, justice, and equality with global partners….”


credit: Ryan Beiler/MCC

“Sumud” of the Church

December 9, 2011

“Too many claims have been made of bringing justice to Palestine-Israel. One can grow easily discouraged when surveying the last decade of such claims, let alone the last 63 years. But if we read further, the prophet goes on to describe this servant as faithful, steadfast, not growing faint. In Palestine, the Arabic word sumud is often used to describe this sort of steadfastness. It is also used to describe the persistent witness of the Church in Palestine….”


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