Web Resource Highlights

The MCC Washington Office website provides information about the office, action alerts, upcoming events, faith reflections from the lectionary, and resources on domestic and international issues. Recent highlights include:


Guide to effective advocacy Christian political advocacy is a powerful opportunity to engage decision makers from a faith-based perspective and to show love for our neighbor in a tangible way. These new pages, at washington.mcc.org/resources, offer advocacy tips for letter writing, congressional visits, letters to the editor, and social media.

SEIU International/Flickr

State-level immigration Since Arizona’s controversial immigration enforcement law passed in 2010, many other states around the country have been considering similar legislation. Anabaptists have spoken out against state-level policies that tear apart families and communities. More online at washington.mcc.org/stateimmigration.


Human trafficking Although many students in the U.S. learn that slavery ended in the 19th century, there are more slaves in the world now than at the height of the Atlantic slave trade. Human trafficking is the modern-day practice of enslaving men and women, both as forced laborers and in the commercial sex industry. Online at washington.mcc.org/trafficking.

Fracturing resources Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, is a process for extracting natural gas from shale deep under the water table. While natural gas is domestically produced and considered to be a cleaner energy source, there are also environmental and human health risks associated with the process: washington.mcc.org/fracking.

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