Lending a helping hand

Through MCC food and relief programs, Syrians in villages affected by sectarian fighting overcome barriers to help one other. In the fall of 2013, Christians in the villages of Sadad and Haffar experienced significant violence. Several months later, the Syrian Orthodox Church, an MCC partner, offered shelter in a church in a nearby village to 500 Muslims who have been displaced from their homes.

In other villages, 6,000 families displaced from their homes receive food assistance through an MCC partner organization, Forum for Development, Culture and Dialogue. Bridges have been built between various ethnic and religious groups through working together to meet the overwhelming needs caused by hunger. During fighting in one village in the area, Muslim neighbors entered a Christian church to protect it from vandalism and looting.

Recently, the Middle East Council of Churches provided nearly 3,900 families with heaters, fuel, bedding and clothing. Once more, those who have been displaced multiple times are finding hope. The Syrian Palestinian family of Imti and Khol were forced to flee their homes in a camp near Damascus. They arrived in Dar’aa with their 3-year-old quintuplets. The church of Dar’aa helped to meet their immediate needs during the cold winter through an MCC donation of a stove, blankets and clothing. Human compassion is binding these communities together.

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