Website Resource Highlights

The MCC Washington Office website provides information about the office, action alerts, upcoming events, and resources on domestic and international issues. Recent highlights include:

As Congress and the Obama Administration seek to create a federal budget that will decrease the nation’s deficit, many important programs that fight poverty and promote peace are facing severe cuts. Find resources, faith reflections, and advocacy suggestions on our new Federal Budget page at

Credit: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

 U.S. Economic Justice

Many Americans experience extreme need. The MCC Washington Office monitors and advocates for adequate funding for programs in the areas of hunger, housing, access to health care, and other economic justice programs designed to support communities and individuals. Find more information and resources at

International Adaptation Assistance

As a result of global climate change, many countries in the global South are facing the threat of severe humanitarian crises. Although these nations are the most vulnerable to climate change, it is rich, industrialized nations that bear the greatest responsibility for emitting greenhouse gases. Resources, faith reflections and policy solutions are available at

Credit: Brandon Thiessen/MCC

1,000 Faith Leaders Initiative

The MCC Washington Office joins other faith-based organizations in an initiative to deliver a letter with signatures of more than 1,000 faith leaders to President Obama. The letter urges the president to expand life-saving debt cancellation and ensure responsible finance for the world’s poorest countries. Learn more at

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