Website Resource Highlights

The MCC Washington Office website provides information about the office, action alerts, upcoming events, and resources on domestic and international issues. Recent highlights include:

  • Advocating for Haiti

Since the January 12 earthquake in Haiti, MCC has been working to advocate for the needs of Haitians. Through our blog, you can find updates on specific concerns and links to articles:

“Don’t Point Guns at Haitians” by Rebecca Bartel, MCC policy analyst

“What We Owe Haiti” by Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach, published in PeaceSigns.

“Haiti’s Un-natural Disaster” by Theo Sitther, published in Third Way Café

  • Going Social

The MCC Washington Office has created accounts on both Facebook and Twitter. Find us on the social networks and “fan” or “friend” us for simple updates about our action on the blog, website, online articles and action alerts.

  • “Abundant Life: Economic Justice for All”

Stay updated on the Washington Office’s Abundant Life: Economic Justice for All campaign.  Resources on the campaign’s page are on health care, debt relief, housing and trade.

  • Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia

April 18-19. Join other churches in the United States and Canada to pray, worship and act for policies that promote peace and justice in Colombia.  Learn how your church can be involved at

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