Seeds for a new future

Through MCC’s work in North Korea, our office in South Korea, and our work with churches in the U.S. and Canada, MCC seeks to be a reconciliatory presence working on all sides of the divide.

MCC was deeply involved in South Korea during and after the Korean War, and 500 war orphans graduated from MCC’s vocational school.

For the past 22 years, on the other side of the divide, MCC has served the vulnerable in North Korea, investing approximately $20 million in relief and development support, including helping farmers grow better food, supporting soymilk production for children, and providing material assistance and canned meat for orphans and tuberculosis patients.

Through MCC’s efforts in North Korea–serving the vulnerable, creating spaces for face-to-face encounters, bringing North Koreans to other countries for mutual exchange and learning–we believe the hidden power of the gospel is at work in planting seeds for a new future. A new future requires all parties to be deeply changed.

For MCC and its supporters, this is how we understand God’s “new creation” interrupting mutual hostilities and isolation. We can help bring imagination and creativity to policymakers who insist that all options have been tried.


Chris Rice is the MCC representative for Northeast Asia.