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Liturgical reading

Used at a service in 1993 to celebrate 25 years of the MCC Washington Office.


Leader: Speak to all the world of the Child by whose word the universe is held together!

 People: We can hardly speak for ourselves; how can we speak in the name of the Son of God?

Leader: “Whom shall I send?” God asks us. “Who will go?” If those whom God has shown love have no words, who can tell the world that God’s reign is among us?

 People: Send us the Advocate, the Holy Spirit to teach us, to remind us of everything Jesus proclaimed.

Leader: Show us how to bring your presence to others —

 People: when to keep silence, when to act in secret, when to openly speak.

Leader: Free our hearts, our hands, our voices to confess Christ, to give people the reason for the hope that is in us.

 All: Glory be to you, Lord Jesus Christ. You took the form of a servant. You preached peace. You healed the oppressed. You died for us. We will tell the world that you are the author of our salvation. Here we are; send us!


We are advocates


Reader 1: Like Moses, who protested at first but then answered God’s call to go to Pharaoh’s house to tell him to “let my people go…”

Together: Like Moses, we are advocates.

 Reader 2: Like Elijah, who went boldly to King Ahab and Queen Jezebel to tell them they were abusing their power by killing a man in order to take his land…

Together: Like the prophet Elijah, we are advocates.

 Reader 3: Like Nathan, who confronted King David with a disarmingly simple story about sheep, thus helping him to see how he had acted unjustly…

Together: Like the prophet Nathan, we are advocates.

 Reader 4: Like Esther, who risked her life to ask the king to spare the lives of her people…

Together: Like Queen Esther, we are advocates.

 Reader 5: Like Daniel, who was promoted to a position of authority, and who used that position to help the Babylonians see that God was the true source of his power…

Together: Like Daniel, we are advocates.

 Reader 6: Like John the Baptist, who confronted King Herod about his moral failings and paid the price with his life…

Together: Like John the Baptist, we are advocates.

Reader 7: Like so many throughout history who have called, organized, prayed, fasted, marched and sung together for God’s justice and peace to be made known,

Together: We are advocates!