Sample Letter: Domestic violence

Dear Member of Congress,

As you consider reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, I encourage you to include funding specifically for grants to organizations that meet the needs of underserved communities.

Services must be available when and where victims of abuse turn for assistance. For many, this may not include traditional services like crisis shelters or the criminal justice system. Therefore, grants to organizations like public health clinics, faith-based abuse response organizations and others should also be supported.

Training for law enforcement officers responding to domestic violence calls should be culturally and linguistically appropriate in order to support both victims and law enforcement officers who respond.


[Name and address]

This letter is also available here.


  1. Maria Kerins

    Please help! I never thought I would say These words;” I’m a victim!.”
    These are words I never thought I would have to write!

  2. Maria Kerins

    We need more funding towards education and making victims know that it’s not their fault!

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