Washington Memo Online

The Washington Memo blog offers quick updates on current issues and news relevant to work here at the MCC Washington Office. Here are some excerpts from recent blog posts:

Why I’m risking arrest to stop the tar sands pipeline

September 9, 2011

“Why would I, a 46-year-old father of two living in suburban Maryland, risk arrest for the first time in my life? Well, what else can I do to assure that my sons, ages six and nine, have some hope of raising their children on a planet still rich in biodiversity, and hospitable to our peculiarly fragile species?”


Melissa Engle/MCC

The costs of war

September 8, 2011

“As we approach the ten year anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, it is worth taking note of the staggering costs of war in Afghanistan and Iraq over the past decade. A recent study by researchers at Brown University suggested that as many as 225,000 people have died as a result of the two wars. They also suggest that the price tag for the U.S. military’s involvement could be as high as $4 trillion . . .”

World Food Day meal

September 1, 2011

“This World Food Day, Sunday, October 16, the MCC Washington Office will team up with Church World Service and Ox-fam America to encourage people to dedicate their Sunday dinner as a World Food Day meal, broadening the conversation about where our food comes from, and how we can make the food system more just and sustainable.”

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