Website Resource Highlights

The MCC Washington Office website provides information about the office, action alerts, upcom-ing events, faith reflections from the lectionary, and resources on domestic and international issues. Recent highlights include:

Melissa Engle/MCC

Faith reflections Christian political advocacy is a form of public witness and a tangible way of loving our neighbor. It is deeply rooted in the Bible, and reflects Anabaptist values. Staff from MCC’s three advocacy offices—in Ottawa, Washington and New York City—offer weekly reflections on biblical texts from the Revised Common Lectionary readings at

Action alerts and Washington E-Memo The MCC Washington Office sends out alerts on critical issues that require action. These alerts provide advocacy suggestions and updates. In addition to action alerts, the Washington Office sends out a monthly email newsletter, which includes timely information, upcoming events, policy updates and new resources. Sign up to join our email list at

Twitter and Facebook Join us on Twitter and Facebook: and facebook.




Fear not We live in a world of fear. For educational, worship and advocacy resources on seeking peace in our homes, communities and world, visit us at

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