MCC photo/Agnes Chen.

Our country is still grappling with the decisions not to indict police officers for the deaths of unarmed African-American men in Staten Island, N.Y. and in Ferguson, Missouri.  These incidents reflect a pattern that has existed for many years, despite the lack of media attention until now. It should be self-evident that #BlackLivesMatter. But our country’s sordid history of injustices against African-Americans continues. And what kind of country are we, when we use torture against detainees and then justify it by saying it was necessary to keep us safe? The disturbing conclusions of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report, released in December, on the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of torture should make all of us question what is being done in our names. We cannot expect that everything done by our governmental authorities will reflect God’s kingdom values of justice, mercy and peace. But when our government acts in our names, in ways that are clearly contrary to our values, it is our duty as Christians to lament, to protest and to work for more just policies. In this issue you will read about ways in which our office has engaged in prophetic witness over the past year. Read more and consider ways in which you can be a prophetic voice for justice in the coming year.

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