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  • CBO Cost Estimates for S. 744 (2013 immigration reform bill)
    • Original report estimating a federal deficit reduction of $175 billion over 10 years (Jun 2013)
    • Updated report after Corker-Hoeven “border surge” amendment (Jun 2013)
State reports
  • Map the Impact of Immigration Across the Nation, a project of the Partnership for a New American Economy
    • Combines both economic and demographic data with individual stories for all 50 states to show the myriad ways immigrants benefit state economies and create jobs.
  • Arizona: Immigrants in Arizona: Fiscal and Economic Benefits by the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy of the University of Arizona (Jun 2008)
    • Summary: Far from costing the state of Arizona, immigrants contribute a net $1 billion to the state government. The report also finds that Arizona immigrants generate many jobs, in addition to taking them, through raising demand.
  • Maryland: The Impact of Immigrants in Maryland by the Commission to Study the Impacts of Immigrants in Maryland (Feb 2012)
    • Summary: Immigrants, both high-skilled and low-skilled, complement the skills of native-born Americans and immigrants add significantly to the economy and enhance the labor market.
  • California: The Economic Benefits of Immigration Authorization in California by the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration (Jan 2010)
    • Summary: Because undocumented immigrants receive relatively low wages, raising their wages would likely result  in increased spending and strengthen the already significant economic boost they bring to the state. A higher degree of legitimacy would also strengthen integration.