Sample letter to the editor

Consider writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, as a way of expressing your concern for immigrants and refugees. You can start with the text we have provided here or write your own!

I was dismayed to learn [reference recent article in paper] that one of our new president’s first actions in office was to tighten immigration enforcement and to make it more difficult for refugees and others in need to enter our country.

[Add personal story, such as…

  • Our congregation, xx, has been enriched by the immigrants that worship with us….
  • For many years, I have helped teach English to immigrants…
  • Our church provided clothing and household goods when a refugee family from xx arrived in our community…
  • When my ancestors arrived in the U.S. they worked hard and contributed to the communities they settled in. The same is true for immigrants today…  ]

I have called the White House, Representative xx and Senators xx and xx to let them know about my concerns and I encourage others to do this as well.

Rather than seeing newcomers as threats, Scripture tells us to welcome others, remembering that many of us came to this country as immigrants too (Deuteronomy 10:17-19).