FY 2019 immigration/border spending: Advocacy resources

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Parts of the federal government shut down on December 21 after the White House increased its request for border wall funding to more than $5 billion. The Senate had passed a bill containing $1.3 billion for fence and wall construction but, with many House Democrats opposed to funding for border barriers and with President Trump committed to seeking more, it is unclear how the impasse will be resolved.

Action alert: Urge your senators to pass a clean CR

Petition: Say ‘no’ to border walls and family separations
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Funding for border fences and walls falls far short of faith values (PDF)

Instead of building fences/walls, modernize U.S. ports of entry (PDF)

Statement: 512 National and Local Organizations Join to Say #NoBorderWall (MCC U.S. executive director Ron Byler quoted)

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