Response to migrant caravans

MCC resources

Action alert: Oppose border walls, support asylum seekers

The Posadas: An invitation to hospitality (Saulo Padilla): English | Spanish

MCC LACA: La Posada

MCC supports vulnerable people on the move: Compassion is our approach to people in caravans, immigrants in the U.S. and those who struggle to survive at home: English | Spanish

Prayer for peace in Latin America and the Caribbean (Video)

Additional migration-themed worship and prayer resources

Monthly immigration updates (English and Spanish)

Other resources

MWC World Fellowship Sunday packet (Theme: Justice on the journey: Migration and the Anabaptist-Mennonite story)

Dec. 10-18: National Week of Action for Migrant Justice (American Friends Service Committee)

Interfaith Immigration Coalition: Walking toward hope Advent and Epiphany devotional

Alternatives to detention: Sample social media graphics to share with members of Congress | Find your members on Twitter | Letter to the Editor writing tool

Holiday guide: Sharing why you care about refugees and immigrants

Washington Post: A church put Jesus, Mary and Joseph in ‘ICE detention’ to protest Trump’s immigration policies