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Christians at the Border: Immigration, the Church,
and the Bible, M. Carroll R., Ronald Sider, Samuel Rodriguez,
2008. 176 pages.
Bringing together scripture, history, and analysis, Christians at
the Border seeks to document how American Christians have
responded to the crisis at the border. More broadly, it
discusses what immigrants and their host cultures have
to learn from the Biblical story.

Christianbook ,$12.49

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Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate, Matthew Soerens & Jenny Hwang,
2009. 240 pages.
Welcoming the Stranger articulates a Christian response
to the struggling immigrants coming into American
communities. Ultimately, it offers suggestions for
immigration reform and how to advocate for it, and
also how to help immigrants adjust to their new communities
in the United States.
Amazon, $12.50Barnes & Noble, $12.70
Christianbook, $11.99
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Seeking Refuge: Central American Migration to Mexico,
the United States, and Canada, María Cristina García,
2006. 289 pages.
While undocumented Mexican migrants receive the most
attention in the immigration debate, 15% of undocumented
U.S. migrants come from the smaller, poorer, and more
violent countries in Central America south of Mexico.
Garcia focuses on this movement of refugees and the suffering
and danger they are fleeing.
Amazon, $28.51Barnes & Noble, $17.49Ebay, $12.95
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And Who is my Neighbor? Poverty, Privilege,and the Gospel
of Christ, Gerald Schlabach,1990. 212 pages.
And Who is my Neighbor focuses on poverty and wealth.
It takes a Biblical perspective, reflecting on Jesus’ teachings
on money and how to live and concludes with several chapters
on how the poor and marginalized should be addressed in society.
Amazon, $1.67Barnes & Noble, $1.99Ebay, $4.48
Dreamfields: A Peek into the Lives of Migrant Youth,
edited by Janice Blackmore, 2012. 140 pages.
Dreamfields tells the stories of migrant youth in middle
and high school. It emphasizes the difficulties of living as
a migrant, the fears that accompany daily life, and the pain
of familial struggles in a foreing land. However, the immigrant
youth are vibrant and hopeful, and their story also reflects their dreams for the future.
Amazon, $20.70

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