Campsite D to Church X 12.5 miles (Four water stops, three full stops) After yesterday, every walk from here on out will seem short!  We still have a full morning’s walk, nevertheless, though our destination today is a church, not a campsite as it has been every other day so far.

Campsite C to Campsite D 15.9 miles (Five water stops, five full stops) We walk almost 16 miles, the longest day on the Migrant Trail.  Though the mid-afternoon sun beat down on us as we finish the day’s journey, we are consoled in the evening by our first (and only shower on the trail).

Campsite B to Campsite C 10.8 miles (Four water stops, three full stops) We have a shorter walk today, and we set up camp around noon.  Our feet are tired, and we haven’t showered since Sunday, but the donated food and the van carrying our belongings remind us of how well off we still are.