Recently a group of Anabaptists have put together a phenomenal resource about the Doctrine of Discovery and its legacy with Anabaptists: http://dofdmenno.org/ The term “Doctrine of Discovery” refers to the “philosophical  and  legal  framework dating  to the 15th century that gave Christian governments moral and legal rights to invade and seize Indigenous lands and dominate…

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Announcing our annual high school essay contest! The annual MCC U.S. Washington Office essay contest highlights the perspectives of youth on significant public policy issues and promotes the involvement of young people in faithful witness to government authorities.  The contest is open to Mennonite, Brethren in Christ and other Anabaptist youth of high school age…

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Seedlings getting ready for transplant at at MCC partner KMTC (Kulima Mbobumi Training Center) in Zimbabwe.

As in many vulnerable communities worldwide, farmers nervously await the rainy season each year in Binga District in Matabeleland North Province, Zimbabwe. When rains are sparse farmers are forced to plant several times. Normally, the rainy season starts in November. But in recent years, the heavy rain has not come until December, followed by a…

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