Peace quilts

As a person of faith, I feel compelled to speak out against the increasing threat of nuclear war.  How can we remain silent when politicians at the highest level talk seriously about using nuclear weapons?

I feel blessed not only to be part of MCC’s advocacy team but also to be part of a small Boise, Idaho advocacy team associated with Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL).  The focus of FCNL this year is reducing the threat of nuclear war. Each month, local advocacy teams visit the office of one of our members of Congress. Our specific ask is for members of Congress to support legislation to say that any declaration of war requires congressional approval. We must not allow one individual, the president, to hold this frightening and awful destructive power.

Those of us of a certain age have been here before.  In 1981, I and 34 other Boiseans made what we called a peace quilt for the ordinary people of the Soviet Union. Year after year, we and many ordinary people around the country called out from the quilting frame with a message to our elected leaders—use diplomacy not war!

In 1990, we created a photo album peace quilt with images of our children with the message, “Saying ‘YES’ to the future of our children; saying ‘NO’ to the machinery of death.” Diplomacy has worked thus far. All of those children grew up and many of them now have children of their own.

It is with a sense of urgency and real sadness that we display this peace quilt again. We must again join our collective prophetic voices and call for an end to nuclear weapons, an end to a culture of violence.


Anne Hausrath is a member of the Volunteer Advocacy Coordinators Network (VACN). She is a member of Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship.


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