MCC U.S. joins letter raising concerns about arms sales to Middle East

MCC U.S. joined other Christian denominations and organizations in a letter to members of Congress today, expressing serious concern regarding increasing U.S. arms sales and military aid to the Middle East.

In Fiscal Year 2017 the amount of U.S. arms sales approved worldwide was a record-high $75.9 billion, doubling that of the previous year. Of these approved sales, $52 billion were to countries in the Middle East. A Congressional Research Service report notes that “the United States is the single largest arms supplier to the Middle East and has been for decades.”

These sales are lucrative for U.S. defense corporations, and purportedly promote U.S. security interests, but they come at a steep cost. As a result of our organizations’ long-term relationships and engagement throughout the Middle East, and our longstanding commitment to justice, peace, and security for all, we know all too well the price that the people—especially civilians—have paid and continue to pay for the ongoing conflicts that are fueled by these arms sales.

Read the full letter.

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