Piecing a patchwork towards peace

By Charissa Zehr

The quilts were hung with care and pride at the front of the open-air pavilion where the graduationQuiltedWallHangingUpright ceremony was to take place. The vivid colors and detailed piecework narrated the story of a community that was ripped apart and has worked their way back towards wholeness, piece by piece.

On one side, the quilt portrays a rather idyllic scene – children at play, animals, vegetation, and people going about their daily tasks. The opposite quilt stands in stark contrast. The mountain backdrop is similar, but one house is engulfed in flames; armed people in fatigues line the road and hostages lie face down on the soccer field. The scene is imbued with the chaos of the moment it commemorates–the day of the Pichilin massacre…

Read the full article at Third Way Cafe.

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