Injustice Outbreak

How the U.N. is failing Haitian cholera victims

From HuffingtonPost Impact:

“Haiti is a few months away from the five-year anniversary of the introduction of cholera because of the United Nations’ systematic negligence in leaking contaminated human waste into Haitian waterways.

We at Mennonite Central Committee created an infographic to raise awareness of two unfortunate truths: 1) cholera in Haiti is not under control and new cases are surging in 2015; and 2) the U.N. continues to ignore its own values and legal obligations by refusing to take responsibility for importing cholera and compensating its victims.

Haitian lives matter and the fact that hundreds will die this year and thousands more will contract a disease that can be easily treated and prevented is an ongoing emergency that demands the world’s attention.

If ycholerajusticeou want to join the chorus demanding the U.N. do the just thing and compensate victims while continuing to implement its plan to invest in treatment and water and sanitation infrastructure in Haiti, you can sign and share this petition. It’s just shy of 30,000 signatures, and advocates will be submitting it to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon later this summer.”

Access the full infographic we put together with MCC Haiti colleagues here.

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