Supporting a deal with Iran

A view of the arches under Khaju Bridge, Isfahan, Iran. (MCC Photo/Cheryl Zehr Walker)
A view of the arches under Khaju Bridge, Isfahan, Iran. (MCC Photo/Cheryl Zehr Walker)

On April 2, the U.S. and five other nations announced a framework agreement with Iran regarding its nuclear program. Now the goal is to reach a final agreement by the end of June.

A final agreement on Iran’s nuclear program would be a significant step toward reducing tensions in the region and would provide greater transparency and accountability for Iran’s nuclear program.

The framework and subsequent agreement will allow Iran to continue a limited peaceful nuclear research program. The framework outlines limits on Iran’s enrichment of uranium and increased monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency. These provisions would make it much more difficult for Iran to use its nuclear program for military purposes.

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Iran. During my visit it was clear that Iranians, who are understandably proud of their long and rich history, wish to be treated with respect in the international community.

This agreement, if it becomes permanent, will permit Iran to maintain dignity and to return to the community of nations. This would mark a significant shift in the region, which is a large reason why the negotiations and agreement have been so controversial.

Many in Congress remain skeptical about such a shift and say the proposed agreement with Iran will not go far enough. In the last several weeks the House and Senate both easily passed legislation giving Congress the authority to review a nuclear agreement with Iran and slowing down the process for lifting sanctions on Iran.

But others in Congress have expressed support for a negotiated deal. Earlier this month, 151 House members signed a letter in support of an agreement with Iran—a key number because it would be enough to sustain a presidential veto if Congress were to reject the final agreement.

This means that we are building toward a key moment this summer. If a final deal is reached by the June 30 deadline, Congress will then debate and either approve or disapprove the deal. Urge your Members of Congress to vote for peace by supporting a negotiated deal with Iran.

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