U.S. Faith Leaders Support the Colombian Peace Process

A statement signed by 32 leaders of faith-based organizations and religious communities from across the United States in support of the advancing peace process in Colombia, urging United States government assistance for the implementation of a just and lasting peace, was released on Monday, May 18th as part of a Days of Prayer and Action for Peace in Colombia celebrated in the United States and Colombia.

“We deeply value the Obama Administration’s increasing signs of support for the Colombian peace negotiations, including the appointment of a special envoy to the peace process,” said faith leaders from across the United States. “We appeal to all members of the U.S. Congress to join in a bipartisan support for peace and to commit to accompany Colombians of all walks of life as they seek to implement peace with truth and justice.”

The signers “make an urgent appeal to the Colombian government and the ELN guerrillas to open serious negotiations and to the United States and international community to encourage this important step. Peace can only be fully achieved when all actors on the battlefield seek to end the conflict.” Finally, the letter emphasizes the importance of incorporating “the just demands of victims of all armed actors—victims of the guerrillas, paramilitaries and the Colombian armed forces—for truth, justice, meaningful and successfully implemented reparations, and guarantees that the brutal past will never be repeated.”

You can view the letter here in English, or en Español aqui.

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