Locking up mothers and children

“I cannot watch the boy die,” said Hagar as she left her son, Ishmael, under a bush (Gen. 21:16). They had been exiled and were wandering in the wilderness in search of a safe, new home. They had run out of water, and Hagar could not bear to watch her precious child die.

Hagar was a mother traveling with her young son, looking for refuge. Today, thousands of mothers with young children have arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border, similarly seeking refuge.

God comforted Hagar and provided life-saving water. She and her son were able to find safety and a new life. In the U.S. today, mothers and children looking for safety and a new life are being locked up in detention centers. Many have already been deported back to the dangers they fled…

Read the rest of this story via Mennonite World Review here!

Interested in MCC’s work on immigration?  Visit our immigration resources page here, or sign up for action alerts on immigration here.

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