You don’t have rights here…

In her most recent article, Tammy Alexander shares difficult stories of how the U.S. government is treating thousands of women, children & men that have fled violence in their communities and crossed the border to seek refuge & potentially asylum.

 According to the [Human Right’s Watch] report’s author, Clara Long, “In its frenzy to stem the tide of migrants from Central America, the U.S. is sending asylum seekers back to the threat of murder, rape, and other violence.”

What if Abraham, Isaac, or Naomi had not been able to escape the famines in their land and find at least temporary refuge elsewhere? What about Mary and Joseph, who were fleeing a place where their son’s life was in danger…What if they had been turned away at the border of Egypt and forcibly returned to Bethlehem, where King Herod wanted to kill the young Jesus?

Read the full article on Third Way Cafe: Wider View

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