A Suburbanite’s Experience at #PhillyAnabaptistSymposium

Robert Martin wrote a great reflection on his participation in the Urban Anabaptist Ministry Symposium in Philadelphia last week. Here is what he said about the immigration seminar he attended:

20141003_140119The second workshop started some deep challenging for me. I come from a more conservative political perspective and am wrestling with what it means to be part of this nation while having my ultimate allegiance in God’s Kingdom. So, the second workshop conducted by Saulo Padilla and Tammy Alexander on Immigration was certainly convicting and challenging. It’s very easy to get caught up in the narratives in the media about border security, limited resources, etc., with regards to the very hot issue on immigration. If, however, we take a moment to stop and think, it seems that those passages about “be kind to the alien among you” seem to bear much weight. The limited amount of visas available annually, capped on a per country basis, compounded by bureaucracy and a sense of distrust of folks “not like us”, plays an immense role in this broken system. In light of some of the statistics and facts presented, when applying for a family visa means that your visa may not even begin to be considered until 10-23 years have passed, it’s no wonder that many people choose, out of desperation, to risk deportation and the dangers of border crossing.

Read more at Abnormal Anabaptist.

Invite MCC Washington Office staff to speak at your church or conference about immigration or other issues.

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