When will they ever learn?

Rather than ending military solutions to conflicts in the Middle East, the U.S. is seeking to step up its military involvement again. In the latest Third Way Café, Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach reports:

“…[S]ignificant numbers of U.S. weapons are now in the hands of the Islamic State group (formerly known as ISIS) after their takeover of Mosul… In Iraq, the U.S. now has 750 troops and has increased its intelligence and surveillance capabilities — steps that could lay the groundwork for U.S. military strikes.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration argues that now it must increase its support of the Free Syrian Army, to combat the spread of the Islamic State within Syria. As part of its war spending request, it has asked Congress for $500 million for military training and equipment for the Syrian opposition. If approved, this would be a significant step-up in U.S. military involvement in the Syrian conflict.”

Learn more about this issue and find out how to can best support the work of peace in the Middle East here.


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