2013-2014 High school essay contest: Honorable mention

…There are many ways that Haiti is in need, but billions of promised dollars are not necessarily the way to help. The international community should focus not on swooping in and brushing over the current surface issues, but instead developing sustainable solutions to long-term problems in the struggling nation. The UN and US and their respective organizations need to start taking responsibility for their actions. Whether they actually live up to their promised dollar amounts and programs remains to be seen, but they have already lost the trust of the Haitian people. Instead of using their funds and donations that they have collected to help the people little by little, international organizations with power and influence in Haiti should be responsible with their resources and not be consumed with their own interests. Short-term solutions for long-term problems are not going to help rebuild the beautiful nation of Haiti. Instead of organizations promoting themselves, the people of Haiti need their own economy stimulated; they need to have their own government in place without foreign involvement. This is important politically, for Haiti as an independent country, but also for Christians bringing God’s Kingdom to life.

-Excerpted from “Justice for a beautiful people” by Katie Hurst, Bethany Christian Schools (Goshen, Indiana), Grade 12.

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