Take Action to Protect Ricardo Esquivia and other Community Leaders

Send a message to Congress and the U.S. embassy in Colombia. Urge them to speak out against the persecution of Ricardo and other Colombian community leaders.

Ricardo Esquivia is a Mennonite peace leader and a close partner to Mennonite Central in Colombia. He is the director of Sembrandopaz (Associate for the Sowing of Seeds of Peace), which helps to build community processes of justice and peacebuilding in the Montest de María and Caribbean region of Colombia.

On September 13th, community leaders, including Ricardo, were falsely accused of being members of the FARC guerrillas by paramilitaries. One community leader, Jorge Luis Montes Hernández, has already been arrested on charges of criminal conspiracy, homicide, forced displacement, extortion, and other charges. It is suspected that Ricardo will be the next leader arrested on false charges.

Last week, MCC U.S. and 21 other organizations published a letter to the State Department urging Congress and the U.S. embassy in Colombia to take action.

Take action now to help protect Ricardo and other community leaders in Colombia from threats and intimidation. Click here to contact Congress and the U.S. embassy in Colombia.

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