Support U.S. Aid Accountability and Transparency in Haiti

Pictured is Grace Village (on the property of Grace International Church), a tent camp where 500 families live who were displaced after the earthquake. (MCC Photo/Ruth Keidel Clemens)

On January 12, 2010, a deadly earthquake hit Haiti causing severe physical, social and economic damage. It resulted in over 230,000 deaths and 2 million people were displaced from their homes. Three years later, little progress can be seen in regards to development efforts. Over 320,000 Haitian still reside in camps and forced evictions are occurring on a regular basis. In addition, the cholera epidemic continues to plague the country. As of February 2013, there have been reports of over 8,000 deaths and more than 647,000 people infected with the disease. In total, the U.S. government  pledged approximately $3.6 billion in aid and as of March 2013, $2.6 billion has been disbursed. Many are wondering, where has the money gone?

Recently, legislation was introduced in the House and the Senate that would help bring transparency and accountability to U.S. aid efforts in Haiti. The bills would require the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to produce a report on the status of post-earthquake reconstruction and development programs in Haiti. The finding would ensure that U.S. taxpayer dollars are being spent efficiently towards projects that will improve the lives of Haitians.

Contact your senators and representatives today. Urge them to support the Assessing Progress in Haiti Act (H.R. 1749 & S.1104)

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