Immigration Reform – Get Ready!

Immigration reform is moving full steam ahead in the U.S. Senate and is starting to take shape in the House of Representatives. There are several ways you and your congregation can take action to help push Congress toward passing just and compassionate immigration reform in 2013:

1) May 6 – Call/webinar on Senate bill

Members of the Interfaith Immigration Coalition will facilitate a discussion on the Senate bill and potential amendments.

  • When: Monday, May 6, 4pm EDT
  • Call in #: 805-399-1000; access code: 104402
  • RSVP to receive a link to the visual portion of the webinar

2) May 9 – Watch for action alerts

The Senate Judiciary Committee will start “marking up” the immigration bill on May 9 and continue through the next few weeks. On days where amendments will be voted on, we will send out action alerts to make you aware of opportunities to call your Senators (no more than one alert per day).

3) May 19 – Prayer & Faxing

On Pentecost Sunday, Mennonite Church USA is asking congregations to observe a day of Prayer and Faxing. Congregations are invited to set aside a time after church to gather together to write and fax letters to congress advocating for a fair, just and compassionate immigration reform.

For the Senate bill text, summaries, and other resources, visit

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