Senate Immigration Bill released

The bipartisan group of eight Senators who have been working on comprehensive immigration reform introduced their bill today.  Alliance 4 Citizenship has created Q&A’s about the bill in English and Spanish.

The bill would create a path to citizenship for currently undocumented immigrants, that would take at least thirteen years to complete.  Steps would include paying fines, undergo background checks, learning English, and proving work history.

A number of enforcement provisions including increasing the number of border patrol agents, more fencing, and increased surveillance equipment such as drones, are required at various points before the path to citizenship can continue.

Siblings of U.S. citizens as well as adult married children over the age of 31 would become ineligible to apply for family-based visas.  They would be eligible for a “merit-based” system and would receive some points for their family status.  On the other hand, spouses and minor children of legal permanent residents would be reclassified as immediate family members, which would allow a more expedited process of reunification.

The diversity visa lottery would be eliminated under this bill and employment-based visas would be expanded.

More analysis will follow soon.

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  1. Mark Costanzo

    to quote the late Dorothy Day: God meant things to be much easier than we have made them.

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