MCC Washington joins letter to President opposing lethal use of drones

Yesterday the MCC Washington Office joined a dozen other faith-based organizations in a letter to President Obama. The letter begins:

As people and communities of faith, we are moved to express our great concern about the use of armed unmanned aerial vehicles, known commonly as drones, for targeted killings of alleged members of Al Qaeda, its affiliates and other associated forces around the world.

The use of these lethal weapons within the borders of other sovereign nations, at times without their permission, shrouded in secrecy and without clear legal authority, raises serious moral and ethical questions about the principles and the implications of this practice for U.S. foreign relations and the prospects for a more peaceful world.

Read the full letter. An updated list of signers is available here.

1 Comment

  1. Mark Costanzo

    With all due respect, he is a purveyor of the ” culture of death “., a political chameleon who, despite being a Nobel Peace prize recipient, has done little, if anything, to further the cause of justice & peace.

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