Easter Sunday lectionary reflection

Melissa Engle/MCC
Melissa Engle/MCC

Vanessa Hershberger reflects on the lectionary passages for Easter Sunday.

In this week’s Gospel text, John 20:1-18, we read the story of Mary discovering Jesus in the garden after finding an empty tomb. At first, she does not recognize Jesus, mistaking him for the gardener. Her grief and distress prevents her from seeing him for who he really is. Like Mary, sometimes we don’t recognize what is right before our eyes either, the good news that is starring us in the face. Whatever is going on in our lives prevents us from allowing Jesus to transform us, to start something new, to truly believe that “his steadfast love endures forever!” (Psalm 118: 1) It is not until Jesus speaks her name that she understands just who this is standing before her.

Read the entire reflection here.

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