Now is the Time for Peace with Justice: Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia


Peace with justice in Colombia is long overdue. This spring, churches and communities across the nation will join in solidarity with the Colombian people by advocating for a just and lasting peace during Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia from April 28-29.

The stakes have never been higher. The Colombian government and the FARC – Colombia’s oldest and largest guerilla group – have finally begun a peace process after half a century of violence, displacement, disappearances, threats, and exclusion. Now is the time for peace, and now is the time for change in U.S. policy toward Colombia.

As Colombians are working for an open discussion that includes civil society participation and seeks justice for all the victims of the conflict, we can petition for U.S. policy that promotes an end to violence and addresses the deep economic and social injustices that have fueled the conflict. Now is the time to join together and bring peace with justice to Colombia.

Save the dates and join us this April by worshiping, praying, and advocating for peace with justice in Colombia.

By Sarah Gross, Legislative Intern for International Affairs, MCC U.S. Washington Office

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