From helpless to hopeful: A regional peace forum

Visiting Senator Durbin’s office in Springfield. The photo was taken in front of Abraham Lincoln’s home, one block from the Senator’s office.

Last weekend I had the privilege of being in central Illinois for a regional peace forum, hosted by the Mennonite Church of Normal. The theme of the weekend was “Helpless to hopeful: Make a difference through faithful peacemaking.”

The weekend included a workshop on how to do advocacy, an evening reflection on “Living Faithfully in the Empire,” and the opportunity to speak with youth about military recruitment. Additionally, five of us visited Senator Durbin’s Springfield office (see photo above) to convey our desire for any deficit agreement to include significant cuts to Pentagon spending.

Thanks to the Peace & Justice Committee of the Mennonite Church of Normal for organizing the weekend, and to all those who came out for one or more of the sessions.


  1. Philip Dick

    This was a very good example of the MCC Washington Office showing people in our community how to communicate and understand how to participate in politics in a helpful way

  2. Jan Sabey

    Thank you for your insights. It was informative and thought-provoking.

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