Give me [your tired, your poor,] your high-tech workers

Tammy Alexander writes about proposed legislation to increase high-tech worker immigration.

A bill set to be introduced soon in the U.S. House of Representatives would open up 55,000 more green cards for immigrants who have graduated from U.S. colleges in certain high-tech fields. On its face, this might seem like a good idea.

However, it is important to remember that policies like this would contribute to brain drain in the countries sending these students. Moreover, rather than creating 55,000 new green cards, the proposal would take these slots from what is called the Diversity Visa Lottery, virtually the only way someone can immigrate to the U.S. if they do not have a job lined up or family already here. More than 16 million people applied for the lottery in 2011.

Read the entire article here.

Learn more about MCC’s work on immigration here.

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