When Hillary Clinton met Phongsavath Souliyalat

Titus Peachey, MCC U.S. peace education coordinator, holds the head of a garden hoe that struck a cluster bomb submunition in Laos, killing the mother of 11 children. She was using the hoe to open land for a garden, when the hoe struck the bomb causing it to detonate. Photo MCC/Melissa Engle.

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton touched down in Lao Peoples Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) last week, she met Phongsavath Souliyalat, who had lost both his hands and his eyesight to a U.S. cluster bomb four years ago on his 16th birthday.

This marked the first time a U.S. secretary of state had traveled to Lao PDR and met with a wounded survivor of the U.S. air war that began more than 45 years ago.

Read the entire article here.

Find out how to write Secretary of State Clinton a message on the MCC  Cluster Bomb website.

1 Comment

  1. Nathan Swanson

    A reminder that the cost of War endure for generations, not just the psychological costs but the physical costs of left over cluster bombs.Thanks you for this post.

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