Haiti aid money – who benefits?

Haiti report
Haiti: Where Has All the Money Gone?

It is unacceptable and unsustainable that the Haitian government has received less than 1% of the billions of dollars of relief aid that have flowed to Haiti since the devastating earthquake in 2010, and only somewhere between 15 and 21% of longer-term relief aid.  Hence, instead of building Haitian capacity, such aid has encouraged dependencies.

This was the major criticism levied by Paul Farmer, United Nations deputy special envoy to Haiti and founder of Partners in Health, during an open dialogue at the World Bank on July 12.

Farmer’s comments echoed the findings of a report by the Center for Global Development titled  “Haiti: Where Has All the Money Gone?”  The report examines the problems with foreign assistance to Haiti, and charges that “The dominance of international NGOs and private contractors in Haiti has created a parallel state more powerful than the government itself… but do not have much accountability to the Haitian government or people.”

Read the report for a detailed examination of foreign assistance to Haiti, who got the money, the criticisms, and policy options.

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  1. Mark Isenberg

    Why would any group trust a Haitian government after decades of leadership failures from many in charge? Paul Farmer is a respected man but he is wrong to assume the current leadership has better plans or skills to use aid funds for the rebuilding effort. NGOs and private groups must continue in a cautious approach to projects,contractors and government officials. Sad but justified.

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