A proposal to give the Pentagon even more

DoD photo, via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday Rep. Paul Ryan, Chair of the House Budget Committee, released his budget plan for Fiscal Year 2013.

Despite the fact that groups across the political spectrum have argued that the Pentagon could handle much bigger cuts than have been proposed, Ryan’s plan would undo the $55 billion in sequestration cuts for the Pentagon, while making deeper cuts to domestic programs.

In fact, far from cutting military spending, Ryan’s House proposal would give the Pentagon $8 billion more next year than is allowed by last August’s budget agreement. At the same time his budget would give the remaining domestic discretionary programs $27 billion less than the amount set by the August agreement. If his proposal passes the House, these funding levels will be hard to reconcile with the Senate, where the Budget Committee chair has said he plans to stick with the caps set in the August agreement.

To learn more, read this commentary from the Project on Government Oversight. Check out the current issue of our newsletter, Some take pride in chariots.

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