Peace processes in Mampuján

Argemiro Joaquin Maza Contreras is a campesino from the Mampujan community. He was displaced from his home in 2000 by violence. (MCC Photo/Silas Crews)

In the Colombian community of Mampujan, a rare but exciting peace and reconciliation process is occurring. Mampujan is the only community that has received a sentence under Colombia’s Justice and Peace Law, allowing the community to receive reparations for their displacement. On January 18, a second hearing was held to ensure the reparations were being repaid in full. Anna Vogt from MCC’s Seed program writes about this process:

The journey of peace and reconciliation is not a straight trajectory towards a perfect goal. There are many different, yet equally valuable, ways of shaping peace and reconciliation in communities impacted by armed conflict.

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*Days of Prayer and Action is a way to become involved in advocating for peace and reconciliation in Colombia. Visit the Days of Prayer and Action websiteto find out more information.*

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