Christmas reflections from Palestine

The MCC Palestine staff have posted Christmas reflections on their blog from two MCC partner organizations.

Photo by Ryan Rodrick Beiler

From Zoughbi Zoughbi and colleagues at the Wi’am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center, Bethlehem:

Christmas is a celebration for every Christian family. We are reminded that Christ was born to a humble woman in a Bethlehem cave. Yes, I believe in the miraculous birth of Christ. However, I also believe I cannot celebrate without remembering the deteriorating socio-economic and political conditions across the entire world and particularly in Bethlehem, Palestine. If the baby is to be born in the flesh today, what will He find…? Read more.

From Sabeel: Ecumencial Liberation Theology Center:

The message of the angel to the shepherds was one of liberation, “Fear not, for I bring you tidings of great joy which will be for all people…” As the company of angels joined the first messenger and gave glory to God, they emphasized the gift of peace and goodwill. The only possibility for peace and goodwill is through work for justice; work that moves the world in a direction away from empire, away from war, and toward God’s vision of peace and reconciliation.  The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem embodies this movement… Read more.

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