A Thousand Paper Cranes

Tammy Alexander reflects on the stories we tell about immigration ten years after September 11th in Third Way Cafe.

Photo by flicker/pixor.

The Bible is full of stories of migration, of people moving back and forth for food or safety, for opportunity and family connections. Ruth didn’t have to go through a border patrol checkpoint and show her papers to enter Judah.

In fact, in Moab Ruth and Naomi benefited from an Israelite law, spelled out in chapter 24 of Deuteronomy, which instructed farmers to leave part of their harvest in the field for the alien, the orphan, and the widow.

Today, especially during a time of recession, there is a feeling that there isn’t enough to go around – not enough money, jobs, food. But such an attitude of scarcity and fear makes us blind to the abundant gifts immigrants bring. Study after study shows that immigrants have a net positive economic benefit to the U.S., that they bring more in economic gain than they consume in services.

Read more here.

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